Latest Comic: Old Family Recipe

On the rare occasions where I socialize with actual humans, I’ll sometimes find myself on the receiving end of generic conversation starter question #126: Are you a good cook? My answer is usually some meandering mess of words that could have just as easily been summed up with the sound “meh”. In actuality, the answer is an equally unsatisfying I don’t know. I’m certainly a competent enough cook. I can follow a recipe. I understand why things are done a particular way. When I follow intuition it mostly turns out okayish. But good? I dunno. I only know how to make a handful of things without guidance. Mostly just simple things that I like, which is really the heart of the problem- nearly everything I cook is for me. And I like the things I make, but does that make them, or me, good? Dunno. All I do know is that it’s not my call to make. And also that my homemade spaghetti sauce is delicious and that it’s all mine and please go away.


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A New Comment System For You To Ignore

I finally got around to installing Disqus’s comment system. I figure it’s a hell of a lot easier for users to ahh… use than the default WordPress one and hopefully will filter out all the bots trying to sell me hang bags or SEO services or what appeared to be entire novels in Japanese. I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, but, it sounded like work. Ironically it ended up being easy as hell. That probably means I did something wrong… I stopped short of importing old comments, tho. That also sounded like work, and I somehow I think the world will get along without those three messages informing me I’m funny and/or suck.