Latest Comic: Vulguerreotype

The internet has completely ruined the draw of nudity for me. I mean, you wanna see some boobs, like right now? Well, they’re there, in literally any combination or configuration you please. How ’bout some dicks? There’s plenty to choose from. Go look, I’ll wait. You back? Pretty great, right? Anyway, even with all of that readily available, I still see advertisers regularly trying to work the implied nudity/sex appeal angle to sell things. And you know what? It does nothing for me. Oh, some third rate celebrity says I should buy your brand of beverage. I better do it because I can sorta see her tits. You hear me ya ad-makin’ fucks? Try something new! Or at least something different! Like, how ’bout some good ol’ gratuitous violence? I’ve been pretty much ruined as far as that goes too, but at least it has some entertainment value. You want me to buy that laptop ’cause there’s a hot chick using it? Well how ’bout she picks that thing up ‘n bashes someone’s skull in? At least then I’ll know it’s durable. Just thinkin’ out loud here…


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A New Comment System For You To Ignore

I finally got around to installing Disqus’s comment system. I figure it’s a hell of a lot easier for users to ahh… use than the default WordPress one and hopefully will filter out all the bots trying to sell me hang bags or SEO services or what appeared to be entire novels in Japanese. I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, but, it sounded like work. Ironically it ended up being easy as hell. That probably means I did something wrong… I stopped short of importing old comments, tho. That also sounded like work, and I somehow I think the world will get along without those three messages informing me I’m funny and/or suck.