Latest Comic: The Dead Of Winter

Like most, I assume, I loved snow as a kid. It brought about all sorts of possibilities that would get you a visit from a social worker any other time of year. Wanna pick something up for the sole purpose of throwing it at someone else? No problem. Wanna slide down a hill or roll around on the ground? Have at it. How bout building your very own man? Yeah, we got that too. Nowadays though I’m less enthusiastic, probably because the responsibility to move it outta the way, in a manner that doesn’t involve pelting passersby or raiding the vegetable drawer for decorations, falls on my head. Or shoulders, or back, or something with muscles that hurt afterwards. Still, I like to see snow at least once a winter though, ideally at a time when I’ve got no good reason to leave the house. So, you know, any time really.


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A New Comment System For You To Ignore

I finally got around to installing Disqus’s comment system. I figure it’s a hell of a lot easier for users to ahh… use than the default WordPress one and hopefully will filter out all the bots trying to sell me hang bags or SEO services or what appeared to be entire novels in Japanese. I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, but, it sounded like work. Ironically it ended up being easy as hell. That probably means I did something wrong… I stopped short of importing old comments, tho. That also sounded like work, and I somehow I think the world will get along without those three messages informing me I’m funny and/or suck.

One Year Anniversary

Oh hey! Its seems I’ve hit one year of doing this thing! Well, a few days ago, but whatever. So why am I making a post for it? I have no fucking idea! It just seemed like a thing people tend to do and I thought “Hey, gonna get me some of that!”. I originally had a plan for such an event, but decided to hold off on that until I actually have something resembling real traffic. So anyway, thanks for stopping by to the dozen or so people that are still reading!

Update for No One

If you’re reading this then I’ve finally stopped being a lazy asshole and started spreading the word that I’m wasting my time on this venture (as opposed to wasting it on something else that is). While you’re here why don’t you click on some things and marvel at my work, or lack there of.