Latest Comic: OK Jesus

Of course this led me to wonder why priests can’t get married in the first place. The internet was kind enough to fill me in. Apparently, God lost a bet with the founder of De Beers when He failed to crush the stick shift knob from an ’83 Toyota Camry into a diamond with his bare hands. Out of spite, God decreed that no priest shall ever marry thus impacting the sales of diamond wedding rings. The more you know!


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One Year Anniversary

Oh hey! Its seems I’ve hit one year of doing this thing! Well, a few days ago, but whatever. So why am I making a post for it? I have no fucking idea! It just seemed like a thing people tend to do and I thought “Hey, gonna get me some of that!”. I originally had a plan for such an event, but decided to hold off on that until I actually have something resembling real traffic. So anyway, thanks for stopping by to the dozen or so people that are still reading!

Update for No One

If you’re reading this then I’ve finally stopped being a lazy asshole and started spreading the word that I’m wasting my time on this venture (as opposed to wasting it on something else that is). While you’re here why don’t you click on some things and marvel at my work, or lack there of.