About the Things I Have Made Here

My name is Kevin and I make the comics. Everyone thing else is handled by, oh right, me as well. Why a comic you say? Because my inner muse is screaming to be heard. Or because it’s a good alternative to physical activity. Definitely one of the two. Also I wanted to get better and* drawing cause that’s a crucial skill for survival or whatever. As for the site, it’s cobbled together from a mixture of WordPress and my own fuzzy coding knowledge. I have a piece of paper around here somewhere that says I have a degree in making computers do things. Personally, I think the paper is lying. If something doesn’t work right I fully blame everyone else. If you’ve made it this far I have a question for you- why are you reading this?!?

*I saw that type nearly a year ago and totally meant to fix it at some point, but by now it has too much seniority, so, my hands are tied.

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